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Baby Fever

19 Apr

 Friends are popping out little ones left and right.  Designing a onesie has been a fun way to give them handmade usable gifts. After the onesie has gotten its use, the design could be framed and used in a nursery. Double win. I decided to try my first ‘sewing’ project on making this onesie for my friend Emily’s little girl.  Emily and her husband have two Dachshund doggies so I thought a weiner dog design would be fun.

After trial and error in making past onesie designs Jerri shared her method with me to help out. We used Heat N Bond from the local Hobby Lobby. I sketched the design out of card stock and then traced it on the fabric. The fabric is then placed on a sheet of Heat N Bond. You can then cut out the fabric design very easily at this point. After your fabric/Heat N Bond has been cut then you adhere it to the onesie.  After this you can stitch around your design.  I used a zig zag design with a lime green thread. Don’t look too close…it’s kind of messy. All in all, I was pleased with my final gift.  I think Baby L’s smile says it all though. She is so darn cute!!



25 Feb

I’m kind of obsessed with the gold trend these days. It makes everything fancy. And if it’s not fancy than I don’t want it-ha!

Jerri gave me these gems for a birthday present. I love them. Especially the giraffe and his little tongue sticking out.

Before the gold goodness:



After–Now the little buddies reside on our bookshelves.

Stay tuned for more gold popping up soon.

Kitchen Cart Shimmy-ya

3 Feb

I’m so excited to share my kitchen cart project with you. It has added some lovely color and much needed counter space to our drab rental-home kitchen.

This project was extra fun because I got to try some new materials. This was my first date with Benjamin Moore paint. This paint is a bit more difficult to find. Here you can only purchase it at ACE Hardware and it ran me about $20 a quart. Regardless, it was worth every stinking penny. It was like painting with butter..whipped butter. Seriously, it was so luxurious and easy to use. Originally I wanted to try the BM Advance paint that I heard about on Young House Love but I couldn’t find it locally. So I settled with their Aura satin finish in Bahaman Sea Blue. I was not disappointed. This paint is low VOC, self-priming, and great for high traffic areas. Since my cart was untreated, unpainted wood I only needed one coat!

For the top of the cart I wanted to keep with a butcher block feel. I stained this with MinWax Wood Finish in Natural. I used two coats of stain.

Lastly, this cart was going to need to stand up to bangs, scratches, water, cleaner, etc. So I knew I had to put a finish on it. I was dreading using a poly or lacquer because of the toxic fumes and being stuck inside my house to work on this. After some research I tried Safecoat Acrylacq which a water based, low VOC, environmentally friendly lacquer type sealer. I had to purchase this online because no local dealers I used two coats for this. This stuff was very low odor and I used it indoors with ventilation and it was just fine. So far it is holding up to use and cleaning. I love love love it and plan on finishing most of my high use pieces with this.

For the finishing touches I drilled a few holes on each side and added a towel bar. I bought a larger drawer pull from Lowes to fit the smaller space. Worked like a charm. Finally, I added a lovely Scandinavian tree tea towel from West Elm to finish it off.

Hope you enjoy it!

IKEA Bekvam cart---BEFORE












Getting ready for the towel bar



Zoey photo bomb--hilarious.


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DIY Club
15 Dec

I finally received my stamp for art fairs and just making my gifts pretty. Good old Etsy find. I will warn you it took 2 months to get the darn thing. In retrospect, I think it was worth it. What do you think?

Holy Smokes…It’s almost Christmas

10 Dec

Hello blogosphere,

I cannot believe it’s December already. Sadly November has come and gone and it’s almost time for Christmas! So much has happened I will try to condense and post more often! So what has been happening?

-We went to Florida for my cousin Jenny’s wedding. It was a wonderful time and great to see family that I don’t see as often as I would like. We also went to Sea World because we are in Florida, and why not? It was sooo stinking fun. There were mostly Europeans folks there..which was random. I love Euro’s mainly because their fashion is 9 times out of 10 better than any Americans…but really without trying. I digress…

-We had the Home Grown Arts and Crafts of the Upstate Show at the Handlebar. It was a great turn out! My friend Stephanie was the brains behind creating this event and it went amazing. I think she has a real knack for organization.

-Oh how could I forget…ummm we got another dog a few months back. Here is her crazy mug. She is a mixed Mastiff named Zoey and her picture about sums up what our household has felt like with her in it. She needs some serious training, we are thinking about doggie bootcamp. Any takers?

-I got a sewing machine for my birthday! It’s my last year of enjoying being in my 20s..It’s going to be a good year I can feel it! Anyway, I researched this baby for a really long time and finally settled on the Brother CS6000i . I really relied on internet reviews and finally just read the manuals to see how user friendly it would be. Sewing machines for Beginners is a great online review resource in case you need one.

Holy cow so far this machine is amazing. It took me over 2 hours to thread it and read the manual…but if felt so sweet to start sewing with that bad boy. I can’t wait to start making gifts and other goodies with it.

-Lastly, since this is where I like to share my crafts don’t think I have been slacking. I just have a hard time ummm.. finishing projects. My kitchen cart is almost done…and I’m super excited on how it turned out. I’m still sealing it and need to add some finishing touches. Here is a sneak peak.

Trillium Fest 2011

29 Oct



This weekend was the Trillium fest in Travelers Rest, SC. My friend Stephanie who is an amazing artist has been attending art/craft shows to promote her work. She also acts as a contractor for a couple of other friends/artists/crafters. She invited me to participate in this year’s festival in TR. I thought it would be fun to get some feedback on my crafts, so why not?  It was a great experience but seriously tough work standing in the cold and talking with folks for 8 hours.

I had a handful of folks ask for prices on my coasters (19.00, in case you’re interested) but only one buyer (thanks Meg!).

We have another show that Stephanie is organizing coming up at the Handlebar on November 19th in Greenville. It will be a time for holiday shopping but also will be a food drive/chili cook off/ and beer and wine too! I’m super excited.


Here are the details and links:

Like us on facebook

Homegrown Arts & Crafts Holiday Market & Food Drive

Join us November 19, 2011, 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. at The Handlebar in Greenville, SC

Meet artists in an intimate setting, enjoy a unique shopping experience and take home some very special one of a kind gifts for everyone on your list.

Donate to our Food Drive benefiting God’s Pantry and be eligible for some great door prizes.*   God’s Pantry was started in 2002 and since then, they have grown to 13 pantries, all located in the Upstate.  Through the support of individuals and local businesses, they feed over 4,000 people a month.  Please help to support their mission this holiday season by coming to The Handlebar on November 19th with your donations of food or cash. 

*Your donation of 3 non-perishable food items or $3 makes you eligible to win door prizes of handcrafted art donated by participating artists.  The more you donate, the more times your name is entered in the drawing. 

Thanks to our sponsors:  The Handlebar and Palmetto Drum Co.

side table project

4 Sep

Hello peeps,

I wanted to share my side table project with you all. I found these side tables a couple years ago at a yard sale for $30.00. They are really solid pieces and hung out in our living room in their natural state for some time. I don’t think they were hideous…but they were just not very exciting.

This was my second furniture painting project since the coffee table. I am pretty pleased with the outcome. The paint color is  Cornichon (Martha Stewart latex brand) the knobs are from Anthropologie.  I sanded, primed (tinted the primer with paint), and had to do three coats of paint.  Lastly, I coated the tables in two coats of Miniwax Wax Paste. I love this stuff the more I work with it. It gives the furniture such a nice protective sheen.

I’m currently shopping around for modestly priced paint sprayer. I would like to try this method for the kitchen cart that’s next on my list. Also would love to paint/design furniture for other folks if that opportunity came around.

What else, we got a new dog–her name is Zoey! She is a mixed Mastiff–42 lbs of love.  We have a ton of training to do with her. Now that there are two dogs in the house it has been pretty lively.

Oh, more excitement. I will participating in a few local art/craft shows in the Upstate with some friends. Some goods will be available for purchase just in time for the holidays. 🙂 More about that to come–so excited.



Knob detail

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