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29 Mar

After almost 11 years in South Carolina we are packing up this show and headed back to Michigan.  This decision has been VERY difficult to make.  Greenville SC is our home.  John and I got engaged here, have been a married couple here for almost 8 years, bought our first home, and had our little Fredster.  We have wonderful friends here that have been our extended family.

We have been kicking around the idea of going back home to Michigan for a few years now. The urge usually hits strong after we visit during the summer.  But the feeling of homesickness wears off after we get back into the swing of our busy lives.

They say kids change things.  For us, “They”are right. Freddie has changed almost everything for us. It’s no longer about what is home to John and I.  It’s thinking about what we want home to be for Freddie. We want him to know his grandparents and extended family.  This is really a difficult challenge to do living 14 hours away.

Everyone has been surprised about how quickly things are moving along; we are too!  I started putting in applications in the Grand Rapids area to see how the job market is there.  Needless to say we were both shocked when I got a call for an interview so quickly after only putting in a couple of applications.  Before we knew it I was flying up for a second interview.  I will be starting April 11th as the supervisor of the Housing Assessment Program (HAP) through the Salvation Army, Social Services of Kent County.  I will be working on quality assurance, staff training/management, developing a relationship with the local universities to get social work interns at the site, and being the community liaison for the assessment program…wheww..  It’s a new position and one that has some serious creative potential.  I’m looking forward to the challenge.

In the meantime, we will be living with John’s parent in Otsego until John can get a job in GR.  I will be commuting about 40 miles one way to  Once John finds a job we will hopefully be buying a house. I’m hoping we will be moving to our new home before winter starts, but we will see.

We will miss you Greenville, but we hope to be back to visit soon!