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Spring backyard tour 2013 part 1

7 Apr

Spring has started!  I’m typing this as I sit outside in the warm sun.  It will be in the 70s today…don’t be too jealous. 😉  Spring and fall are my favorite times of the year here. Even though it seems that spring seems too short and blazing heat quickly moves in.

We moved into our new place in the winter so we really don’t know what type of vegetation we have going on.  Right now there are surprises  of color all over the backyard. It’s great! I know for sure we have Camilia bushes/trees around the house and in the backyard that were blooming (and are still blooming) throughout the winter. We have several huge azalea bushes in the back that are gorgeous.  I also think we will have a few dogwood trees but these haven’t started blooming yet.  I’m trying to keep an eye on what types of plants grow well  and where the sun falls so I can put in a small garden at some point next year, maybe?  We have a ton of rocky red-clay dirt so it will likely have to be a raised bed.

In other news, the semester is wrapping up for me. I have three more weeks of class. I’m very, very, ready for a break. It’s been a fun run, but I am going to savor the summer months of Saturday morning freedom.  I’m not sure what the plan is for fall yet.

ImageThree large azalea bushes in the back. The one in the middle hasn’t bloomed yet but it looks like there are small white buds on it.


Light pink Azaleas.

ImageTo the left of the backyard we have this little garden-ish area. It needs some TLC. I think this tree might be a dogwood and there are some azaleas grasping on for dear life.

ImageWhite Azaleas holding on..

ImageWe FINALLY got our fence!  We are all much happier now–especially the doggies.

ImageHUGE magnolia tree to the right of our house. Can’t wait until it blooms and fills out. Supposedly these are get climbing trees. The house in the background is the neighbor’s house.ImageAnother angle of the fence and backyard.  That tree in the middle is a huge holly tree. The berries are poisonous to it will be a fun adventure to get them to not eat them!