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18 Feb

Well, it’s mid-February and 2013 is in full swing.  We have been settling into our new place. The move went well, we had a handful of our beautiful friends to help us out.  We couldn’t have done it without them.  I still have room full of boxes and things to put away.  I think we exhausted ourselves and now I’m just staring at the boxes hoping to get the motivation to unpack the stragglers. It’s odd moving in the middle of winter because everything is hibernating.  The trees, the flowers, the people!  

We were a bit worried because the first month we had a few things to repair–the shower started leaking (just angling the shower head a different direction now), the garage door crinkled up on one side and jammed (fixed) the screened in porch apparently leaks when it rains really hard (haven’t fixed yet), oh and our dishwasher broke around Christmas time (replaced).  Apparently this is the reality of homeownership. Everything sort of comes in waves.  After 10 years renting, we don’t have a landlord we can call anymore.  There is something nice about that regardless of the hassle of the repairs.

Right now I’m working on painting the kitchen a nice dark grey (pictures to come).  I have sanded the walls a bit, wiped them down, and am now taping the cabinets and window frames.  Well during that process, I took down a wall hook the previous owners had up.  I definitely pulled the paint off the wall and it’s down to the drywall paper…So I will be learning how to repair that now. :/ I think it’s going to take me awhile to actually get to the painting!

We hope to put a fence up in the backyard for the dogs (something we budgeted for during the homebuying process) because we have to take them out 3-4 times our on a leash.  We are spoiled after having a fenced in yard, because this stinks!  I know the dogs will be happy to be able to run around soon.

ImageHere is a picture of our kitchen before–there is a streak of the new paint sample on the wall.  This will be the new color. It isn’t really good example…





Oh and it snowed this weekend in SC–awesome!