Life is Good.

21 Sep

I have been terribly slack on updating the old blog. In fact, I shouldn’t be doing it right now since there is so much to do but whatev.. I have a beautiful piece of furniture that should be on this blog. It was painted months ago, but do I have the energy or attention span to photograph it? Nope. I will get to it soon.

I need to start documenting more of our lives because I’m convinced one day my memory will be completely gone. So when I’m in my 90s (if I make that long) I hope to have this as a memento of when I was young, energetic, and so on.

This is an incredibly busy season of our lives right now. I started working for USC this August teaching a class. It has been an incredibly fun and stressful time. I remember back in 2005 being so excited to start my social work career–I was ready to change the world! Seeing students takes me back to those days, with all the good and bad. Eight years later, my thoughts of how I change the world are quite different but the passion is still there. It is good to be reminded why this is what I do. I’m still in love with my profession. The good and the bad. J makes fun of me when I listen to The Social Work Podcast in the mornings..I can’t help it, I’m a nerd at heart.

During this season, I am feeling very blessed. Many of our friends are getting married and having babies, or their careers are starting and/or blossoming. It’s just a very peaceful, fruitful time. It’s one of those time that God is very obvious and throwing his blessing around (I think this is always happening, but sometimes it’s just harder to see). I’m grateful that I can take a step back and savor the here and now before it whizzes past us.


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