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Tybee Island fun

4 Aug

We headed to Tybee Island, GA last weekend for a little getaway. We don’t really get the opportunity to go away very often. Time is the main issue. J works 6 days a week so going away is a luxury. We had a great time! We didnt realize how important it is to just have some alone time away from the daily was amazing.

Tybee is pretty small and an older beach town. There are mainly family owned businesses on the island, which we loved. The river inlet runs behind where we were staying so kayaking is pretty popular. We really didn’t have much time to do much but bum around and eat which was okay by us. 🙂

We stayed in a little studio shack called the Love Shack. It is owned by the owners of the Beachview B&B. It is located behind their house. It was reminiscent of being in Europe and staying in homey locally owned properties. It was incredibly quiet and private. We were able to use the owner’s beach bikes which was fun. The morning we left we were invited to the main B&B for a free breakfast before we hit the road. The food was yummy and the main B&B is gorgeous. Both locations are in the historical district so it’s pretty quiet and not full of spring break type activity. We would highly recommend this place.

There were storms rolling in and out all weekend which was great because it cooled off the beach and made for some great photos.