Baby Fever

19 Apr

 Friends are popping out little ones left and right.  Designing a onesie has been a fun way to give them handmade usable gifts. After the onesie has gotten its use, the design could be framed and used in a nursery. Double win. I decided to try my first ‘sewing’ project on making this onesie for my friend Emily’s little girl.  Emily and her husband have two Dachshund doggies so I thought a weiner dog design would be fun.

After trial and error in making past onesie designs Jerri shared her method with me to help out. We used Heat N Bond from the local Hobby Lobby. I sketched the design out of card stock and then traced it on the fabric. The fabric is then placed on a sheet of Heat N Bond. You can then cut out the fabric design very easily at this point. After your fabric/Heat N Bond has been cut then you adhere it to the onesie.  After this you can stitch around your design.  I used a zig zag design with a lime green thread. Don’t look too close…it’s kind of messy. All in all, I was pleased with my final gift.  I think Baby L’s smile says it all though. She is so darn cute!!


2 Responses to “Baby Fever”

  1. yellowlancer April 19, 2012 at 11:06 pm #

    It looks great 🙂

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