22 Feb

J and I were talking at lunch today about Lent and how this is a season for us to die to ourselves to become closer to Christ. One of the ways to do this is reflecting on our marriage and what needs some work. As we discussed this we started doing some reminiscing..I started feeling old, but it was OK. I later found myself looking at old pictures after work and ran across these gems.

I met my husband in 2002. I love love love the fact that we have grown up together. It is such a stinking blessing to reflect back on our silly ways. I was 19 maybe 20 years old in the first photo (yikes). J took me to Grand Rapids for a date night. It was my first time in the big GR. Some random stranger took our picture on this bridge…still not sure what I’m doing with my mouth.

The second photo was taken in 2006, one of our first trips to Asheville. My memory is I need to start writing this junk down. Thank you blogging.

When I look at both of these pictures I see a young L&J. Especially J…he looks like such a baby face! I have been so lucky to watch him become the man that is my husband today. We were such kids when we met..seriously. Super selfish, crazy passionate about Indie music (before it was popular..thank you very much), weird piercings (me), refused to wear jeans  (J), a dream to be serious journalists (woah..glad that ended), J’s love for bacon (oh wait, that hasn’t changed) and our stumbling towards Christ in all the wrong ways (oh wait..still learning there).  Ahhh…memories.




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