The race is coming..

6 Aug

So, um yeah..I just signed up the Greenville Sprint Triathlon..again. It is next Sunday the 14th. I cannot believe my last tri was 1 year ago…doesn’t feel that long ago. I guess it wasn’t my last race since that was in November of last that makes it better?

I have a new goal for this race. Can I train and not be psycho obsessed with myself and my fitness? I have been semi-training for about 5 weeks or so. I think I have had some limited success. I will be slower than last year, I just have to understand that and deal. Also, I’m not sure my endurance is up to if there is much more walking on the run and slower hill climbs on the bike, I have to be OK with that. I am not setting a new PR. I am dipping my toe in and seeing if this is for me.  Yeah, I keep telling myself that too. Then I stare at last year’s times and obsess over them. I was so disappointed last year at my minimal progress. What?! I was doing great, I just had to see the other side of slow again to notice I guess.

The self doubt and voice creeps in my head says, please just quit. You are going to embarrass yourself on all your lost progress, etc. Why bother, sitting on the couch is so much easier…yes, yes, it is.

Before I committed to do this race mentally I talked it over with John.  We discussed the pre-race nerves and that I hate them. I have all kinds of gastric distress in the morning..can’t sleep the night before. He pretty much said what any good coach would–you will get over it.  You are pretty much going to be doing this rest of your life so you better practice up.  What?!  I love that he doesn’t doubt me like I doubt myself. Will I really be that 60 year old doing a triathlon with grand kids in tow?  Haha…I hope so. I told John that a half Iron Man sounds like a good retirement goal. I think I might have the energy and time then, right?

Last night I went swimming with a friend at the pool where the race will be held. It had been renovated so I wanted to take a look and get a feel. We walked in and I realized how much longer a 50 yd/Olympic size pool is compared to the 25 I’m used to. It’s intimidating and feels like you are staring down a football field of water. Then I noticed that the pool’s shallowest depth is about 6 ft…what?! The mind games started. I didn’t want to get in to even practice. What have I done!?  But I got in and loved it. The pool was sharp–clean lines/new tile, no dirt, crystal clear water, good temp. This is going to be great. My second practice 400 was much faster than the first so, maybe I will surprise myself.

And for all you crafters out there. Here is a taste of what I have been working on. Two sad side tables have been painted grellow (greenish/yellow). Just putting the finishing touches on them.  I will share them soon!


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