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Spice rack jazz-up

10 Jul

I know, I am a terrible blogger. I don’t update anything for months!  June was pretty busy. Went to Baltimore for a work training trip and DC to visit a friend.  Two weeks later we headed to Michigan for a family trip. We are pretty tired.

By the way this was my first trip to DC and I am in love with that place. I miss diversity living here. There are so many different people and interesting food places that I can’t even wrap  my brain around it.

On the way home from Michigan we got a flat tire…sad. It was right after leaving Ohio. Ohio you are already on my bad guy list…this didn’t help.

Anyway, I did finally finish a little project. My IKEA spice rack that was hung on the wall back in March or maybe April…well it finally recieved it’s coat of chalkboard paint to jazz it up.

I used painters tape to get a clean square. This was pretty tedious..but I think the end product was worth the months of waiting.




Painters tape and 2 coats of chalk board paint.

After the painters tape was removed.



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