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May’s good eats.

28 May

May has been a bear. It is a busy time for work and all around been just exhausting. But I did find some good food and the farmer’s market is in full force! But really, I am ready for June. You may have noticed I changed to wordpress. From time to time this blog may look different as I try to experiment with what I like.  I am enjoying the creative control and interface vs. blogger. What do you think, better, worse…ehhh don’t care?

Now stop what your doing and buy this book.

No seriously–do it.  I just did and am waiting patiently for it’s arrival to my doorstep.  I recieved a recipe from this book (thank you Chloe) and tried it this past week.  Quinoa, chickpea salad with cashew balsamic dressing. This was my first go with quinoa and I have to say, I’m a fan. It picks up the flavor of just about anything.

Just to be clear, I am not a vegan. I like  love my animal products.  I like to wear it, I like to cook it, I like to eat it…you get where I’m going.  But I also love my veggies. My body feels better and I am less depressed when I eat well.  Food is fuel..pure and simple. You eat bad, you are going to feel bad.  You may think this doesn’t affect you but just think about it like sleep. You sleep poorly, it’s going to catch up with you. I know food is the same (by the countless hours I have spent fueling my body for racing). It’s a shame our fast food culture doesn’t think this way.  Off my soap box–Ahem.

This brings me  to the lunch time dilemma. I like to a pack a lunch to save money and calories. I get sick of sandwiches and don’t usually like to pack dinner leftovers because I’m going to eat those again for um…dinner. I’m hoping this book will give me some ideas to break away from the dreaded sandwich. Anyone have any favorites they like for lunch?

I also modified a recipe this month that was delicious and worth sharing: Asian noodle, Asparagus, Shrimp salad.


-1 lb shrimp (saute’ these puppies with cayenne pepper, fresh ginger, soy sauce).

-buckwheat noodles (in Asian cooking aisle -cook to directions)

-asparagus bunch (placed in water before I boiled noodles for  light simmer–keep crunchy)

-small bunch of fresh basil (chopped or hand torn if your feeling rustic)


-3 tablespoons balsamic vinegar

-1 tbl raw sugar (agave nectar or whatever sweetener you like)

-1 tbl sesame oil

-fresh ground ginger to taste, I did about 1 tsp

-t tbl rice vinegar

Toss the noodles with the dressing. Place as much asparagus, shrimp, and basil on top as you desire and eat. I served this warm and ate it cold the next day. Delcious both ways.

(Modified from EverydayFood–June 2011)


>Coffee table project

8 May

My first furniture re-do has been completed! I have quickly learned that I love painting furniture–love it.  It is hard work but so satisfying. I purchased this coffee table at a garage sale last year for $ more time, $20.00! As you can see below it needed some love.

I needed a working space so Jerri has kindly let me borrow some of her garage space.  I mosey over there on Saturdays and work away.

So, let’s get down to the nitty gritty of the project, shall we?  I sanded this baby down, primed, and gave it two coats of latex paint in Mushroom. Protective coating was the next step..this required a bit of research.  I was thinking about going with a lacquer but have heard that they tend to yellow over time. Plus I didn’t want a glossy finish.  Jerri suggested I contact the author of Primitive & Proper, Cassie to ask her about her finishing techniques.  Cassie did an article on different finishes and has a furniture refinishing business…so the woman knows what she is doing. I settled on Minwax Paste Wax after consulting with her. I added two coats (applied with a cheese cloth) and hand buffed it out. The results were a slight sheen (not shiny) finish. I will need to reapply the wax about once a year. I love it.
What do you think?

The living room end tables are next and soon to be done, stay tuned!


A little elbow grease..and..


Rufus whizzing by in excitement

I hand painted the top details and added some bubble glass knobs.

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