>First IKEA trip

12 Mar

>Can you believe it..this past weekend was my first trip to IKEA!  It was a ‘girls’ trip and so much fun!! (thanks Jerri & Kimberly!)

I found my new favorite shopping place.  The only downfall of the trip was the damn shopping cart.  The wheels all turned which made the cart glide to the right the whole time. I kept knocking into stuff and people. Then I realized that yup, I strained my right side of body from pulling the cart. Specifically my hip (insert old lady jokes here).  I’m actually shocked that I enjoyed the mega store because usually I check out for crowds.  Oddly, I didn’t care about the crowds. I floated around the store in sweet home furnishing bliss.

Here is some of the sweet loot that I swiped:

IKEA Kitchen Cart

I have been shopping for a kitchen cart for about 1 year now. I’m glad I held out because this is the best bargin I found so far. Plus, it is all unfinished and ready for some paint.  I’m leaning toward a bright yellow.  But I’m also loving this green and coral color.  I love bright colors and our kitchen is so darn dark and dreary that it needs something fun going on.


                                                                        Source: center44.com via Christine on Pinterest

I also bought fabric to make some pillows.  I’m excited because this gray and yellowish color is similar to the colors I’m painting our coffee table and side tables.  Not sure how the pillows are happening since I don’t know how to sew….yet! I think I might have to attempt no-sew pillows..so I will keep you posted on that project.

Patricia Fabric IKEA

So those are a couple of highlights from my visit.  My loot will continue to pop up here and there during my projects.  John pretty much said that I need to find a place to store all my junk.  Our ‘junk’ room is quickly growing out of control.  

Alright folks, green, yellow, or coral for the kitchen cart?


One Response to “>First IKEA trip”

  1. Linsey March 26, 2011 at 7:47 pm #

    >I like the coral color! Very unexpected. Yellow would be my second choice.I'm jealous of all your projects!

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