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>Reading nook?

26 Mar


So another project has finally been completed.  You may remember the frames below (see sad picture of them on the floor).  I have finally finished giving them an update. This project really tested my patience. I think I will need some fun easy crafts and then the longer term projects to work on.  I think with my schedule, waiting for good weather, painting, mounting, and placement on the wall it took at least 3 months to complete.  
I also struggled with how to hang these frames on the wall.  We live in a home that was built in the 1940s with lovely plaster walls.  Great thing about plaster is it is pretty sound proof.  Bad thing about plaster, you have to drill stuff in the walls just right or it will crumble the wall everywhere (you would never guess how I know that).  I really didn’t want to drill 20 holes next to each other and then try to explain that to the landlord when we leave.  So I experimented with 3M Command Strips (thank you Jerri for the suggestion).  They worked well I would recommend trying them especially if you rent. So far nothing has fallen off the wall. I will let you know how they are when we take them off.
So the last picture is what I’m thinking will be a “reading nook”.  Will reading actually occur in this corner?  Not sure.  Do I need a cute chair and lamp in that corner? I think so.  
Pay no attention to the lamp/cords on the bookshelf. I am in the middle of painting our end tables and this is where the lamp is temporarily residing.  And, in case you were wondering that cute little red lacquer bookshelf is vintage (hahah-I sound snobby).  No but really, my mom painted it for me. It was my grandmother’s bookshelf when she was a little girl in the 1920s.  I am so sentimental when it comes to my
What else is going on you may wonder?  I am just trying to enjoy life and get to know the Lord better. I have stopped training for races right now because it was becoming my world.  I needed to take a step back and evaluate my priorities right now. If I can get healthy with it again then maybe sometime it will happen again. I am still mentoring a couple of TNTers for a triathlon and meeting them for swim and bike practice when I can. They are kicking bootie in the fundraising, I am really excited for them.
Until next time..

sad space needing some love.


>First IKEA trip

12 Mar

>Can you believe it..this past weekend was my first trip to IKEA!  It was a ‘girls’ trip and so much fun!! (thanks Jerri & Kimberly!)

I found my new favorite shopping place.  The only downfall of the trip was the damn shopping cart.  The wheels all turned which made the cart glide to the right the whole time. I kept knocking into stuff and people. Then I realized that yup, I strained my right side of body from pulling the cart. Specifically my hip (insert old lady jokes here).  I’m actually shocked that I enjoyed the mega store because usually I check out for crowds.  Oddly, I didn’t care about the crowds. I floated around the store in sweet home furnishing bliss.

Here is some of the sweet loot that I swiped:

IKEA Kitchen Cart

I have been shopping for a kitchen cart for about 1 year now. I’m glad I held out because this is the best bargin I found so far. Plus, it is all unfinished and ready for some paint.  I’m leaning toward a bright yellow.  But I’m also loving this green and coral color.  I love bright colors and our kitchen is so darn dark and dreary that it needs something fun going on.


                                                                        Source: via Christine on Pinterest

I also bought fabric to make some pillows.  I’m excited because this gray and yellowish color is similar to the colors I’m painting our coffee table and side tables.  Not sure how the pillows are happening since I don’t know how to sew….yet! I think I might have to attempt no-sew I will keep you posted on that project.

Patricia Fabric IKEA

So those are a couple of highlights from my visit.  My loot will continue to pop up here and there during my projects.  John pretty much said that I need to find a place to store all my junk.  Our ‘junk’ room is quickly growing out of control.  

Alright folks, green, yellow, or coral for the kitchen cart?