5 Feb

>Here is my first crack at homemade tile coasters. I found this adorable paper at one of my favorite online shops, Paper Source. I purchased my wedding invitation supplies from them in 2008. I love their selection and quality.

The blue/chartreuse coasters were a birthday present for my sweet friend Jerri. The other few are for our place. I still need to make some extras. This was my practice batch in case something needed to be tweaked.

I am really pleased with the finished product. What do you think?

If you interested in this project you will need:
-some pretty paper (or you could use photos)
-Tiles. I got mine from Home Depot for .16 cents a piece!
– Modge Podge (3 coats)
-acrylic waterproof sealer, I used Plaid (1 coat)
-felt,cork, leather or whatever strikes your fancy. I used felt. I included a photo so you could see the back of the coasters.
– waterproof glue, I used Liquid Fusion Urethane glue. It worked like a dream and no nasty smell.
-foam brush
1.Cut paper to fit the tile. You may want to cut them to fit or fold them. Some folks sand the corners of the tile to make a rustic look. I folded the sides. If you have extra paper on the sides you can also fold over because the felt will later cover this.
2. Place light coat of Modge Podge on tile (front and sides if you are doing the sides). Place paper down and smooth all air bubbles out. (let dry 24 hours)
3. Coat the paper/sides with a coat of Modge Podge. Remember that your brush is going to make paint marks so try to stay in one direction. (let dry 24 hours).  Repeat this step 2 more times (with 24 hours in between). This will total 3 coats of Modge Podge.
4. Spray or brush coaster with waterproof sealer (you can buy it in spray or paint form). I used the spray. I would use this outdoors. Let the sealer dry and air out for a couple of days. Be sure to spray any paper that you folded under so moisture doesn’t seep in.
5. Cut felt/leather/cork to fit the bottom of the coaster. Put thin layer of glue on the bottom of the tile. Not too close to the edge so it doesn’t run off. Let glue dry according to directions. 
6. Enjoy!

One Response to “>Coasters”

  1. Jerri February 5, 2011 at 8:54 pm #

    >I LOVE my LB coasters, and yours look awesome too. Oooh la la. The camera one is my fave. I like those two colors together.

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