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>New look & some paint

29 Jan

>I wanted to change things up a bit…so here is the new look. Oh don’t worry I’m still going to write about athletic endeavors but there is so much more to cover.

Mainly I have been inspired by beautiful things and people. I have always been a creative person except within the last few years. I miss creating beauty.
My undergraduate degree is in photojournalism (please don’t judge my skills on these terrible photos). I haven’t really had a professional photo gig since 2005? I don’t really remember. I got burned out, pure and simple. It is a super creative but competitive industry. I say all this because it reminded me that I was forced to create images on a daily basis. This ruined the beauty of it.
I miss being around the photog community, I think out love for the art fueled each other. Recently, I have felt that inspiration from some lovely crafty friends. I think it’s safe to say they helped with this renaissance.
Practically I have been wanting to decorate our house for awhile. With no inspiration and little cash I really didn’t worry too much about it. But there are so many options for thrifty crafters looking to make their home pretty. So, I am on adventure with starting to decorate our home.
Here is a pic of my starting of the photo projects. I am creating a photo frame collage. I collected a ton of old frames and bought some at a yard sale. I wanted to commit to a couple of colors for the frames

(gold and green). I spray painted by first frames today. Martha would be proud. :p

On to the athletics! I haven’t been working out much. I think it’s fair to say I got burned out on that as well. I love exercise so it’s really only a matter of time and inspiration. I am starting the Team in Training season as a mentor in a few weeks! So, here is that inspiration. I’m super excited to mentor folks that are going to be completing the same race I fundraised/trained for last year! It is going to be
a challenge with other time commit
ments, but I’m ready!
I haven’t committed to my race schedule yet. I want to do the sprint in Columbia on March 27th. There are a bunch of reasons I want to do this race. I learned to swim in this pool while attending USC (more to come on that later), Columbia is my old stomping grounds so I always enjoy a visit, and it’s early in the season so it shouldn’t be blazing hot. More on that later.