>Why are you doing this?

14 Oct

>So, I have been keeping my little running challenge kind of a secret (well I guess posting on facebook isn’t really a secret). But, I really don’t go on about it with friends or colleagues. But when I do mention that I will be running 13.1 miles on Halloween weekend…it usually follows with wow, good god, why!? I mean, uhh that’s great!?

Why do I get up every weekend when we could sleep in? Why do I haul my self to a track/treadmill/gym/pool/bike daily? Do I love every minute of it, no! (I think the moment of enjoying all of my workouts ended in February 2010 right about the time I started the triathlon challenge. ) Do I feel good after every work out? No. Does it make me a better person? I think so.
Why do we want to always make ourselves comfortable? Did we get put here on this earth to just please ourselves? Exercise is a discipline. If I can change my schedule daily to squeeze in a run, then it really does highlight other areas that need discipline as well. But without challenging myself with hard efforts would I be able to see this?
Most athletes know that their sport is mostly the mental game. You train yourself to accept some pain and just do it. I think there is alot to be said in life to. Move on, push strong and you will learn more about yourself than you think. Also, to be fair, I have spent a lot more time with God while out on the trail. It’s just me, him, and that pavement. It really doesn’t get better than that.
I think I am ready for the race. I have ran the course twice now. The second time around was much better. I had to do the walk-run method..but it actually made me faster! So I think I am going to try this for race day as well…we shall see. Right now I am tapering..which is always nice! My goal for finishing is 2.5 hours. I probably shouldn’t have a goal since this is my first half marathon…and finishing should just be enough. But that is not going to happen…so 2.5 it is! I may be disappointed but it’s worth the fun of trying to meet that goal.
I am still learning about my body and it’s nutrition needs. I think triathletes have to have more nutrition while racing than runners. I feel like I could eat a cheeseburger on a bike and be fine on a run. Just running…ehhhh not so much. The last long run my stomach was making a sloshy sloshy sound. I have always heard of the dreaded slosh sound…but never truly got to experience it’s glory. I was eyeballing bushes the entire rest of the route at that point. Once we got to the road..i.e. no bushes, I had to stop all liquids, gels, etc. This method seemed to work. My belly mellowed out and I was fine. Could I truly survive the horror of something going wrong on Augusta Rd.? I hope I don’t have to find out.
So race day is in a week in a half! I am super excited. John is going to come out too! So it will be great to have some support as I cross that finish line.
P.S. I hate to reference a blog within a blog. But our old friend Bret wrote this awesome post to a couple of friends who are doing a marathon. Bret I loved your post. I hope you don’t mind that I will share it here: http://www.eighteenforty.com/1/post/2010/10/an-open-letter-to-erica-froman-and-chris-mathews.html

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