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>Spinx Half Marathon & TNT Turkey Trot 5k

14 Oct


Woooop Woooop! Race day has come and gone. It was a fantastic ride.

I was super excited the night before..just like the last couple of triathlons. It was great because it didn’t start until 8:40 a.m. so I didn’t have to get up at 3:30 a.m.

We got a call night before from a friend who needed help with the clock on mile marker 5. Apparently the guy who was supposed to stand there and turn it on during the race start was sick. So, John kindly offered to volunteer in the morning. This kind of threw my plans off for the morning. I had expected to park, get on the trolley, and talk with John before the start. John had to drop me off and then race over to the 5 mile marker to get there in time. So I was left standing alone…

Did I mention it was freezing? It was probably in the low 40s that morning. Which for this pansy Michigander, is freezing. I didn’t want to wear a jacket or too many layers because I knew as soon as we started I would regret it. It worked out well having john at mile 5 because I just threw him my long sleeve shirt. This would never happen in a triathlon (get a penalty) so I was kind of excited about it.

I decided not to wear my heart rate monitor for the race. It had been messing with my head during I opted to leave it home. I also knew there were going to pace clocks along the course so this would be helpful. The race started and I was moving pretty slow because it was such a large crowd. Once we got off Main street it started to thin out. As far as timing goes I was about a minute faster for the first 3 miles than I had anticipated. Which was not good…I needed to slow my newbie butt down. So I just settled behind some folks and cruised it.

I kindly asked one of the TNT coaches for some private coaching for this race since this was my first attempt at this distance. I didn’t want to be stupid and injure myself. So my wonderful TNT coaches/friends decided to help me out and meet me on the race course. Sarah met me on mile 4. It was a great time to have some morale boost at that mile. She stuck with me the whole way! We met Nicole around mile 9, so now I had a little group to cheer me on! I saw John at the mile 5 clock–which was great! I wanted to slow down to say hello but I couldn’t! After I passed John he quickly hopped in the car to meet me near the finish…it took him about an hour to get back downtown..with all that darn traffic–he is such a trooper.

So I was feeling pretty good for most of the race. I was getting my nutrition in just fine..which has been hit or miss during the longer runs. I wore my fuel belt because I wanted my own nutrition (which was great until about mile 12…more to come about that). It was about mile 10 or so that I was struggling. Thank God for Nicole and Sarah singing and encouraging me all the way to the finish. It’s funny because this race wasn’t really hilly but there are some inclines that are challenging. Around mile 9-13 it is most on an incline. My form (or my attempt at form) started deteriorating around this then my hips started burning!! Lean forward, lean forward!

Around mile 12 I could not take the fuel belt any longer. It was driving me crazy. I was really ready to throw it on the ground and just cut my losses with the darn thing. Nicole kindly carried it for me. I was a bit embarrassed to have her take it…but she offered…so I let her! 🙂 Oh, it was so sweet to have that thing off. It felt like I lost 10 pounds.

I slowly shuffled closer to the finish line. With about .25 of a mile to go…I just sprinted to the end. The race finish was fun because it ran around the Greenville Drive field (minor league baseball team). So I got a chance to run on the field! Super fun. I really didn’t get a chance to take it in because all I could see was that sweet finish line.

My secret goal for finishing was 2:30. I figured that was reasonable for a first half marathon at my pace. I missed my goal..but not by much! I finished in 2:31:32. Not terrible.

Thanks to Nicole and Sarah for being my on course support! Definitely would have been much slower without you. Thanks to my hubster, ole Johnny B! He is the best sideline support a girl could ask for! Although..I think it’s time for us to buy him a cow-bell. hint hint. :p

I also ran a 5k the weekend after the half. I kind of kicked myself for signing up for a race right after a half marathon. But it was only 3.1 miles…suck it up. This race was super fun because it was very family oriented and not very competitive. Which is a great way to remind myself that this is supposed to be fun! I really didn’t have any expectations for this race other than beating by PR from the first 5k I ran in Dec. 2009. I finished that one in 39:46. I wasn’t too worried.
I again opted out of the heart rate monitor…mainly because my plan was to push it. I really haven’t pushed myself too much in the speed department so I thought it would be fun to try. I did my first mile in 9 minutes….what!? I didn’t think I was capable of running that fast..haha. Then I realized I need to slow down or I am going to be walking. So I did and finished in 30:34. About 9 minutes faster than 2009…can you believe that? I was shocked at the progress. It’s hard because everything in endurance sports is so incremental…that I always just feel slow.
I really couldn’t have asked for anything better. Two great weekends of racing and I was feeling great.
Right now I am taking it easy but trying not to lose all of my motivation. I really needed a break physically and mentally. I am not on a schedule right now with my workouts which is a problem. Starting soon I am going to make myself a schedule so I can stay with it. The fun thing in a little down time I have been practicing Bikram (hot yoga) again. A new studio opened in Greenville so I got a great promo deal for a couple of months. I love hot yoga. One more time…I love hot yoga!
Before you knock the yoga my friends…let me just say this. 1.5 hours of yoga in a 100-105 degree room with 47% humidity or so. Your heart rate is elevated just to cool off the body. Also, you are much more flexible in the heat. You sweat and it is amazing…the most purifying sweat you can get. Keeping sweat out of my eyes has been a challenge…maybe I should wear my visor in there? But is is making my legs, core, and arms I am digging it.
Other news:
John and I are staying in Greenville for Thanksgiving. We will be hopefully joining another couple and cooking a small dinner. We really need the rest, especially John and his crazy work schedule. I am really looking forward to it.
We also took Rufus on a trail for the first time last weekend. He did great! We let him on the extended leash….which he never gets. But he did great. He stayed right in front of us and kept looking back to make sure we were coming…love it!
Happy Thanksgiving!

>Why are you doing this?

14 Oct

>So, I have been keeping my little running challenge kind of a secret (well I guess posting on facebook isn’t really a secret). But, I really don’t go on about it with friends or colleagues. But when I do mention that I will be running 13.1 miles on Halloween weekend…it usually follows with wow, good god, why!? I mean, uhh that’s great!?

Why do I get up every weekend when we could sleep in? Why do I haul my self to a track/treadmill/gym/pool/bike daily? Do I love every minute of it, no! (I think the moment of enjoying all of my workouts ended in February 2010 right about the time I started the triathlon challenge. ) Do I feel good after every work out? No. Does it make me a better person? I think so.
Why do we want to always make ourselves comfortable? Did we get put here on this earth to just please ourselves? Exercise is a discipline. If I can change my schedule daily to squeeze in a run, then it really does highlight other areas that need discipline as well. But without challenging myself with hard efforts would I be able to see this?
Most athletes know that their sport is mostly the mental game. You train yourself to accept some pain and just do it. I think there is alot to be said in life to. Move on, push strong and you will learn more about yourself than you think. Also, to be fair, I have spent a lot more time with God while out on the trail. It’s just me, him, and that pavement. It really doesn’t get better than that.
I think I am ready for the race. I have ran the course twice now. The second time around was much better. I had to do the walk-run method..but it actually made me faster! So I think I am going to try this for race day as well…we shall see. Right now I am tapering..which is always nice! My goal for finishing is 2.5 hours. I probably shouldn’t have a goal since this is my first half marathon…and finishing should just be enough. But that is not going to happen…so 2.5 it is! I may be disappointed but it’s worth the fun of trying to meet that goal.
I am still learning about my body and it’s nutrition needs. I think triathletes have to have more nutrition while racing than runners. I feel like I could eat a cheeseburger on a bike and be fine on a run. Just running…ehhhh not so much. The last long run my stomach was making a sloshy sloshy sound. I have always heard of the dreaded slosh sound…but never truly got to experience it’s glory. I was eyeballing bushes the entire rest of the route at that point. Once we got to the road..i.e. no bushes, I had to stop all liquids, gels, etc. This method seemed to work. My belly mellowed out and I was fine. Could I truly survive the horror of something going wrong on Augusta Rd.? I hope I don’t have to find out.
So race day is in a week in a half! I am super excited. John is going to come out too! So it will be great to have some support as I cross that finish line.
P.S. I hate to reference a blog within a blog. But our old friend Bret wrote this awesome post to a couple of friends who are doing a marathon. Bret I loved your post. I hope you don’t mind that I will share it here:

>I’ve debated that I would like to keep blogging

2 Oct

>Helloooo there–brace yourself for a long post.

I like to read blogs. At one time I had a personal blog that shared our life with friends and family that lived far away. I think the last time I updated that was about 2 years ago… (sorry guys). I miss writing to folks. Specifically, I miss keeping a history of what’s going on in my life. I love reading about what Lynne and John were like 2 years ago.
So, what will this blog include you might say? Well I hope to discuss my ongoing journey into racing and fitness and add in some other happenings along the way. I have learned a ton about myself this year and would like to document that junk.
Hmmm so what has happened since Tri Latta? Well, I did the Greenville Sprint in August. Mom Bosma was in town for the weekend and it so happened that she got to see me race. It was awesome having her and John cheering me on. It was also amazing to race a second time. The nerves were still pretty bad before the swim but, I felt like it was 1000X easier once you know what to expect. It was perfect weather for that race with temps in the 70s and overcast (which was so awesome since it was in the 90s earlier that week). I did well overall. The distance was shorter than the last sprint..but I shaved 45 minutes off my time or so. This just really emphasized how I bombed with hydration the last time.
I also got the pleasure of mentoring the new season of triathletes with TNT. Which I think I learned more from them..then they did from me. 🙂 That was a blast. I continued to train with folks and share my newbie knowledge to help encourage folks. So much fun! They completed their races recently and raised money to fight blood cancer and did an awesome job.
So, this leaves me with the end of my first tri-season. I had a decision to make. Keep going and try another race..or something else. I didn’t want to lose my overall fitness. This is the best shape I have been since highschool. 🙂 And I love endurance sports…in fact I think my body is built for this with extra fat reserves.
So my next challenge is to run the Spinx RunFest half marathon on October 30th. The race will be in Greenville, which is great. There is something to be said for waking up in your own bed and going to a race…wonderful!
Yep, so I have been running alot more. I have a love/hate relationship with running. I love it and have been running on and off since high school. I hate it..because I have always managed to get injured at any given moment. Me and physical therapy have been friends many many times.. My hope is that I will become a better runner if I have to do it more. It remains to be seen if this will actually happen. So far with longer distances…comes slower lynne. If I’m going to run 10 miles I’m not going all out at any point…or I am not going to get it done.
I actually am loving running longer distances. I have never before experienced a longer run until this point. When I am running over an hour a crazy thing happens where my heart rate drops and I am just moving…it’s not hard..or easy.. its just happening. I feel like God has given me this wonderful sport to reflect on him and just enjoy.
Unfortunately, I have been battling some aches and pains. I purchased a new shoe because I was having IT band issues and I needed a new shoe. I did not get fit correctly and have been trying to make these new/sad shoes work. So I have spent countless hours figuring out my shoe dilemma. Fortunately there are some kind professionals in the Greenville community that are steering me toward the shoe for my body. I just bought the Nike TriMax and ran 10.5 miles today. So far so good–I have my fingers crossed.
Speaking of 10.5 miles…that is crazy. I have never ran that long before. It was an interesting experience. The first 3 miles were awful…there were some peaks and dips of energy. I am still working on getting my fuel right. I feel like after 1 hour of exercise my body burns calories at an accelerated pace. I’m usually starving..even after gelling every 45 minutes.
About mile 8 I was hoping one of the cyclists on the trail would get close enough that I could borrow their bike and finish…why on earth was I on my feet this long? There is no way I would walk 10 miles, why would I run? But I got it done..and I can still walk. So progress, right?
Switching gears here. I posted a video from a masters swim clinic. I have lots to work on! First my bottom is too low so I need to push my chest into the water so I am more horizontal. This will save some energy with the kicking and just help my efficiency. I have to work on my stroke too. I should be scooping the water I am pulling over a barrel. Swimming habits are really hard to break..but I will keep at it. I am going to try to start swimming with these folks once a week. One visit and I already got so much feedback. It is super intimidating though because these folks are ex-high school/college swimmers. But I’m not going to get better unless I get out