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>new shoes…and new gooo?

3 Apr


Hello folks,

Well, I finally got my cycle shoe. Meet the 2009 Specialized Tri-Vent. I got it for half off since it’s last seasons shoe..wooohoo! This is a tri-shoe so there are only two straps on it for easy/quick entry and exit. The shoe also has drain holes for when I ‘m all wet from the swim. I also got pedals for the bike that fit the shoe.

John is so sweet. Earlier in the week he helped me practice. He ran along side of my bike while I clipped/un-clipped in..all in the dark. He really saved me from some serious scrapes! Best husband ever ;)!

I got to use the pedals and shoes today for my first ride. We did about 2 hours /20 miles. It was a very tough but good ride. I had a few mishaps for the first clip experience. My chain popped off while riding up hill and I almost fell. Fortunately, my very wonderful coach Sarah helped me get back on with clips and shoes…while going up hill. It took me about 4 tries..but I got it eventually–hurray!! I only have a few scrapes for the day..not too shabby!

I have learned that when you are doing endurance sports (45 minutes and up) you need to fuel up. They sell gels, cubes, etc. of this “energy” that’s easy to eat while on the road. I tried the Clif shot stawberry with caffeine today. I’m sorry Clif but this was a bust. It tasted pretty awful. The consistency is also going to be an adjustment…imagine trying to swallow hair gel/jelly. Apparently you get used to this stuff but I am not going to try this kind again because it tasted yuck.

The fundraising is going great! People have donated 1,865! I am 75% to my goal of 2500!! Yippee! I also finally scheduled my yard sale. It will be April 17. All proceeds going to LLS. I’m also going to try to turn this into a bake sale. With the help of some of my wonderful friends that are awesome bakers, I hope to have some goodies to sell.

Well…I think that’s my excitement of new stuff for the week. Stay tuned!