>Recovery Week

23 Mar

Hurray, it’s recovery week! That means I get slightly easier workouts for the week and 1 extra day off (2 days total) from training. Let me tell you how wonderful this is. My body is exhausted… Things are going really well but running/biking/swimming etc. 6 days a week will start to drag on you. All I want to do is sleep and eat…I am super exciting to be around let me tell you. 🙂 I feel like I’m in grad school again–yikes!

I have continued to have great financial support from friends and family this week. With checks and credit card donations I am up to $1455! Thank you all for your continued support! I am a little over halfway to my goal of $2500. So, please if you considering donating, please do so–I am getting close! 🙂

Continuing to juggle my responsibilities of work at a non-profit, wife, and other volunteer activities is always a struggle. I try to squeeze in as much time with John and Rufus as I can. I’m just thankful that he is so supportive of this TNT experience!

So, the big upcoming excitement will be purchasing pedals with clips and shoes for my bike (shoes will look something like the ones posted…we will see what I get a deal on). It’s funny to invest some money in the old mountain bike, but I have learned that I can transfer the pedals to a new bike down the road. I am loving the cycling so I know I will continue that sport down the road.



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